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Can a Body Cleanse Lower Blood Pressure?

Problems With Your Blood Pressure? Learn How To Lower It Naturally!

Our hearts are so wonderfully made.  The heart is like a pump inside our bodies. It pumps blood in from the lungs and then pumps the blood out to the tissues of the body.  The heart knows when to slow down and when to speed up. It knows the exact force needed to send the blood to the different parts of the body.

The force of the blood in and out of the body is called blood pressure. The heart works hard all day and all night, continuously keeping our bodies working.  Everyone knows that they cannot live without a heart; however, not everyone realizes the importance of keeping the heart healthy in order to live a healthy life. We can live with a sick heart, but our bodies will be sick.

In order to take care of our hearts, we must make sure we do not have issues with high blood pressure, which is caused when the heart is unable to pump the blood properly. Blood pressure which stays elevated can cause serious health problems such as stroke and kidney problems.

In most cases people do not know that they have high blood pressure until a serious problem occurs. This happens because we are not checking it very often and this problem has few symptoms that we can feel. In my opinion, we need to complete a body cleanse or at least a liver cleanse every six months to keep our bodies healthy and working properly.

There are many blood pressure medications on the market today. Nevertheless, most people often can lower their blood pressure without prescription drugs.

In order to eliminate high blood pressure, we must first look at what may be causing it.  It could be something as simple as our diet. Too many processed foods including fast foods and a diet high in sugar may deplete your body of much needed nutrients.

We can also look at the toxins we are exposed to through our water, food, air and the products that we use in our homes as well as medications that we take.

Most doctors only treat the symptoms of high blood pressure. In many cases, doctors prescribe drugs after only one high blood pressure reading. Many people do not know that prescription drugs can have a devastating effect on the liver. Toxins from the drugs build up in the liver and can actually cause high blood pressure.

Drugs given for lowering the cholesterol can also cause high blood pressure due to the effects on the liver.  It seems to get to be a vicious cycle. You take drugs to lower blood pressure.  Then your liver is overloaded and causes your blood pressure to increase.

Finally, instead of finding the cause, the doctor prescribes another drug added to the one you are already taking. You get the picture –get illness, get drugs. You get more illness which brings more drugs.  It seems to never stop, but most doctors are not taught to find the cure.  They are programmed to treat the symptoms with drugs.

For this reason, people who are tired of taking drugs often search more natural remedies.  Naturalists are more likely to search for a cause in an effort to alleviate the problem.  Our bodies are made to heal themselves.  When something is going wrong, such as high blood pressure, then we know that the cause is something in the body that needs to be fixed.   Masking the problem with drugs will usually only cause one to have to be on prescription drugs for life.

Finding a way to lower blood pressure naturally is not always as difficult as it seems.  In some cases a person can control their blood pressure with dietary changes, nutritional supplements, stress control and exercise.

The first step I suggest is to complete a liver cleanse or a full body cleanse.  You may find that a good liver cleansing may lower your blood pressure.  It will definitely rid your body of toxins that can harm you and every organ in your body.

We need to eat foods rich in potassium. By doing this, you can lower the sodium in the body. Lowering the sodium is important because sodium can cause the blood pressure to rise. However, if you have kidney disease, high levels of potassium can be harmful. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of potassium.

Follow a detox diet that will help your body become healthier.  Eating more raw fruits and vegetables can lower your blood pressure, but because of the use of pesticides and chemical on when growing the foods we eat, we often must use nutritional supplements for our bodies to get the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

We need to reduce stress levels of our bodies. When we are under stress, we do not realize the impact this has on our bodies.  Everyone should set aside a little time each day for quiet time. I would suggest a time of prayer to our Maker who made our wonderful bodies. Prayer is good for the body and soul.  At this time, your body can relax, soak in some sunshine, and clear your mind.

It would be beneficial to our bodies if we could do at least twenty minutes of exercise daily. Exercise is good for the mind and body.

If you decide to try our plan for a healthier body, we suggest that you stay on your current medical treatment plan as well. After three to six months of diet, supplements, and exercise, you may find that you won’t need as many prescription drugs.

Listen to your body, and you and your doctor will know when and if you can stop taking any of your prescription drugs. (Please note**You should never stop taking any prescription drugs without consulting with your doctor.)

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